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Heidi Hilscher
The right doll for every child

We say thank you!

Thank you for many wonderful years, for the many good and personal customer contacts.

Thank you for the often trusting and good cooperation over many years, the positive togetherness. We will miss all this very much!

Thank you also for the many feedbacks from children, parents and grandparents. We were very happy about every message, every photo, every picture painted by the children….

Now, unfortunately, the wonderful time is coming to an end, at the end of the year 2023 we will close the doll workshop!

And clear out the warehouse!

In a transitional period there is still the possibility to buy doll material:

GOTS-certified fabrics for doll bodies and doll heads, organic stuffing wool, GOTS-certified fabrics for doll clothing, ready-made doll clothes, doll shoes, material for doll wigs, ready-made wigs and whatever else you need to make a doll!

Please contact us by phone (+49 731 57252) or by e-mail

Visits to the workshop are only possible by prior appointment.

Doll purchase!

Since some of our customers have made very good provisions, there is still the possibility of ordering our dolls from specialist shops for some time to come. Any repairs that may be necessary are also still possible during a transitional period.

Kindest regards from the Ulm doll workshop

Yours, Heidi and Johannes Hilscher


Rating “spiel gut”

Heidi Hilscher – The right doll for every child!

Heidi Hilscher’s collections always surprise with special features and simple uniqueness. In her own studio in Ulm, she herself works closely with her qualified employees in a well-coordinated team. Despite her success, Heidi Hilscher decided to keep her company small in order to maintain the special and personal contact with her employees and her customers. Only in this way is it possible to produce the dolls in such an elaborate way, to still respond to special customer wishes and to be able to deliver individual pieces at short notice. By painting the dolls’ faces, which is done exclusively by Heidi Hilscher herself, she gives her dolls their typical character and a unique and recognisably personal touch. The selected materials and their careful processing meet the quality standards of the EC directive. The dolls have been awarded the title “spiel gut”.


Awarded toys

Toys in the test – in this section TOYS presents excellent toys!

In issue 2/2018 (p. 58) our ecological doll Leni!

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Dida on the road

In April, our Dida set off on her own at Düsseldorf airport and has only now arrived back at her owner, little Annika, in Zurich. See the report about this on Focus online here:

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