Ecological dolls

Heidi Hilscher
The right doll for every child


Predicate spiel gut

Heidi Hilscher – the right doll for every child!

The collections of Heidi Hilscher frequently surprise with specific features and modest uniqueness. In her own atelier in Ulm, she works closely with her qualified staff members in a well-attuned team. Despite the success Heidi Hilscher decided to keep the company small in order to always get the special and personal contact with her staff and with her customers. Only then it is possible to produce the dolls in this exquisitely craftsmanship way, still to defer special customer wishes and also to provide individual pieces on short term. By the painting of the dolls face, which is exclusively carried out by Heidi Hilscher herself, she gives her dolls the typical character and a unique and recognizable personal touch. The selected materials and their careful processing match the quality standards of the EC directive. The dolls have received the award Spielgut.


Awarded toy

Toys in the test – in this category TOYS currently presents award-winning toys! In the current issue 2/2018 (p. 58) our ecological doll Leni!

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Dida’s journey

In April, our Dida made a journey, starting at the airport in Düsseldorf, without her owner Annika. Now, almost half a year later she is back and well in Zurich.

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