Brigitte 2004

Quite cute, our doll siblings. Both are handmade exclusively for BRIGITTE in a doll workshop in Ulm. Their bodies are nice and soft, so they are really good for cuddling even for small children (cotton with synthetic fibre filling). The mohair hair is particularly elaborate. The dolls have been awarded the rating “spiel gut” and are washable at 30 degrees. Girl and boy (each approx. 35 cm tall) cost 49 Euros each without clothes. The doll’s clothes for the boy (suit in light blue/white with little socks) cost 15.50 Euros, for the girl (dress in pink/white, pants with lace and little socks) 18.50 Euros. The small baby doll in pink (with bobble hat) or blue (with pointed hat) can only be ordered together with a large doll. They cost 6.50 Euros each (shipping costs 6.70 Euros plus cash on delivery fee).
The dolls can be ordered from: Puppenwerkstatt Heidi Hilscher, Silvanerweg 10, 89075 Ulm Tel. +49 731 57252, Fax. +49 731 5 7225

Brigitte 2005

These Waldorf-style dolls are cuddly soft, can be dressed and undressed and are machine-washable. Heidi Hilscher makes the couples from cotton jersey in her doll workshop. They are filled with hypoallergenic synthetic fibres and have hair made of mohair plush (boy) and mohair boucle (girl). 49 Euros is the price for a doll without clothes, plus you can buy clothes: a beige fleece jacket for 7.50 Euros, beige fleece shoes for 2.50 Euros, corduroy trousers in pink or green for 5.50 Euros, a knitted jumper in brown/beige or brown/beige/pink for 8.90 Euros, scarf and hat in colours matching the jumper for 7.10 Euros.

My Doll and Me

Fun knitting ideas for dolls and children from 0-8 years on 52 pages.
Avesani -per me Ltd.
Creative Publishing Studio

Puppen international

“The impressions of childhood shape the whole life.”
This slogan was coined by Heidi Hilscher for her play dolls made of fabric, for which she has received the “spiel gut” rating since 1993.
“Since every doll is designed by me, passes through my hands, every face is painted by me, all my good wishes for the future owner flow into it. May a friendship for life develop between him and my – his – doll.”

Spielen und lernen

A doll to love, a friend to share joy and sorrow, that is the wish of many children. This wish can be fulfilled especially beautifully with “Anna”, “Vroni”, “Hannes” and “Sophia” or another doll from Heidi Hilscher’s doll workshop.
The handmade and hand-painted tricot dolls are movable and washable, the mohair wigs, which are also handmade, can be combed. Only fabrics made of natural fibres such as wool and cotton (Westfalen fabrics) are used for the clothing. (Filling: synthetic fibre, stuffed)